The rules of the PIFE

Aim of the PIFE Komiti!
The Komiti is there to coordinate all activities in Pacific events in Europe. We are giving proposals for dates and places of events after checking the proposals from all national organisatons, groups and persons, that are organised already events or planing to organise a Pacific event in future. This committee will give recomendation for dates to coordinate the different activities. In the past the Pacific Island Festival Europe was held mostly on the first weekend of August. And it should be kept because there are some other events during this summertime. They need a security in planing. We want noone to excluded from being part in this big festival. We are not there to advise for using a distinctive date or place. We only are giving proposals. We as organisation can not organise a Festival within this committee. This is reserved to be held on a national basis and national and local organisations. First president of the committe is Kasete Naufahu. Since many years he was supporting us by beeing there and talking to all participants no matter where they come from. He is representing our Pacific family also respecting the European friends of the Pacific culltute.

Dear Friends,
Dear Pacific Islanders in Europe
and from all parts in the worlds,
Dear European friends of the Pacific Islands
Dear friends of the Pacific culture in Europe
Hello kids in Europe with a Pacific background,

  We have the pleasure to announce that the PIFE Komiti ist established. Since 2001 there are several activities to coordinate the different festivals, especially the "Pacific Island Festival Europe". We can be proud of the fact that through all the years we had wonderfull festivals in the spirit of ALOHA. In every country where the PIFE was held there are persons that did organise their own festival. All theses persons should have the responsibility to ensure the continuation of this wonderful idea to assemble all differend island nations in one place. We have now the proposal to all those organisations to work together with this PIFE KOMITI, where all of those people or organisations have the task to coordinate the efforts to organise the PIFE. PIFE is not responsible for all the different local festivals and feasts with or from Pacific people but we should hold contacts to coordinate the dates of those events. Below here we suggest a summary of rules that should be accepted by all members of the PIFE Komiti.

The Rules: Part 1 - for team organising
 (1) The name of the organisation is "PIFE KOMITI"
 (2)  Members of the PIFE Komiti can be organisations and persons, that already did a Pacific Island Festival in the past or have the decision of the Komiti to hold the festival in the following year. Each Organisation can be represented by one peson. Each of the members have one vote. Organisations or persons from the past do not have to aply for membership. They are the founding members of the Komiti. It is up to them to use their right to vote. (a) Members are organisations or persons but not couties as a whole.
 (3) (a) All members have to elect the chairman of the Komiti. The chairman of the PIFE Komiti should be an neutral person and must not have necessary done a festival in the PIFE tradition. The head of the Komiti is having one vote also. (b)The chairman ist elected for two years. If there is no other proposal for this position the chairman stays in position.  Ofcourse he can resign at any time. If this is happen a new chairman has to be elected within 6 month. During this time the vice-chairman is the acting chairman until the election of the new chairman. (c)The chairman must be elected at the general meeting after invitation by mail or email by the members are present at the meeting.
 (4)  The chairman has the right to nominate a vice chairman and an assistent organiser that can be a person within the PIFE tradition or from outside the PIFE tradition.
 (5) At least one meeting of the PIFE Komiti should be held every year in the space of time after the Festival untill the end of October. Exceptions are possible by good reason. There can be more meetings. If it is essential to untertake a voting during a meeting in urgent cases voters not present at a meeting can vote per email or other communication that can be recorded.
 (6) (a)After each festival countries, organisation and people can be apply for organising the festival. Are there more than one request the members of the komiti have to decide with secretly voting by simple majotity after a detailed discussion and hearing or reading the aplications to all members.  (b)A single aplication in one year can de refused by two thirds of the members. This is necessary only by festivals under the name: "Pacific Islands Festival Europe" or "Pacific Islands Festival". Otherwise everyone in Europe is free to organise Festivals under other names. To ensure this name Pacific Islands Festival Europe must be protected officially, which is already claimed.
 (7) The PIFE Komiti has the right to change the name for the festival by simple majority of the members.
 (8) Once the PIFE Kimiti has chosen the next organisation or person to organise the next festival the PIFE Koniti has no right to interfere in the local organisation of the PIFE. The organisers are free to do everything in their own way. There are only two rules: (a) 1. The ticket prices should be affordable and 2. Noone should be refused to take part in the festivals. A limitation is only possible when the capacity of a place is on limit. Selection of persons is not allowed.
 (9) Organisations that never did a festival in a country that also did not have another PIFE before can be a member in the PIFE komiti as a full member just by declaration of the membership per email or any other recordable contact. The Komiti will decide by simple majority if there are a minimum of 10 islanders in this country.
 (10) Membership status can be denied after a festival if the organisers do not use the official name "Pacific Islands Festival Europe", offending laws of manner or disregard rules in point 8 (a) of this list.
 (11) These rules must be accepted by 75% of the members.
 (12) These rules can be changed and rules can be added by accepting by 75% of the members.

The Rules: Part 2 - for festival organising
 (13) Once the organisation and country is selected to organise the next festival this orgaganisation is independant in all concerning affairs in their contry for the PIFE. They decide for the place, ticket prices, guestgroups on stage, programme, invitation and all other affairs. No organisation should involve in the organisation.
 (14) The organisers should admit that the festival should go around Europe. A festival two times within 6 years by the same organisation should not happen. Exceptions are possible. (a Komiti decision with 75% of members is necessary)
 (15) The festival should be open to everyone.
 (16) The festival should last a whole weekend or even Friday and Saturday or longer.
 (17) To every festival all island nations must be invited. Organisers have to find out if there are diffent islander nation in their country. There should be a diversity of nations in each team if possible.
 (17) It is the aim of the Festival to teach the younger generation the way of life in the Pacific culture. If possible there should be special events for children, for example competitions, workshps etc.
 (18) During the festival or at the end of each festival the national team has to invite people and especially these people who already organised a festival to discuss the place for the next years event. It would be very apreciated the the organisation for the next festival is on the place to prent their proposals for the place and announce the conditions for the next festival. If a decision can not be made, the decision must be made by the PIFE KOMITI till October 31 the same year.
 (19) PIFE ia public event - all activities and exhibitions on a festival must have free access for cameras. People are allowed to take pictures and videos.
       - under construction - (more rules coming up)
            status 17.10.2018 (last update: 8.11.2018)
Countries involved in the PIFE group (potential members): "MEMBERS" so far 8 countries and 9 organisations (=voters)
We already put some memories of past festivals in the website:
We invite all friends for taking part in the first informal meeting in Berlin on the 24th of October at 2 pm. Everyone is welcome. This is necessary to prepare the fist official meeting later this year to do the official founding of the Komiti and to elect the chairman of this committee. Please send an email to: pacificislandsfestival@googlemail.com

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