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Future of PIFE
Requests for the PIFE

2019 Aloha Pacific Spain Lizbeth Letelier Carillo Catalunya, Spain (confirmed)
2020 A group from Switzerland Korina Jentzer (SAM) Switzerland
2021 German Pacific Society Robert Travertz (PNG) Germany - Darmstadt

     status 27.09.2018 (last update: 8.11.2018)
What is PIFE? the festivals History Rules

These are the requests for hosting the PIFE (Festival) in the next years so far. Switzerland was preparing to do the festival in 2019 already but found out that they maybe are not good enough prepared to host it next year already. So but they think to be ready in 2020. The team in Switzerland broke after the festival in Basel 2013 (by the way it was organised perfectly). Aloha Polynesia Switzerlaynd maybe is not existing anymore. So they have to reorganise the team again. We are expecting a new head of the team that learned from the 2013 festival. But this is an internal affair.
Germany was hosting the 10th aniversary festival in Gotha 2011. They sould have some rights for 2021 festival because they were the founder of the festival. Then it will be the 20th aniversary. A friend from Papua New Guinea will maybe the leader of the organising team. It is the first person from PNG in the team willing to do a festival. We can be curious for things to come up in future.