The Rules of the PIFE

The Rules for festival organising
Basic rules:
1. A festival of Pacific culture open to everyone!
2. The festival usually takes place on the first weekend of August. (the first Saturday in August)
The Rules:
 (1) Once the organisation and country is selected to organise the next festival this orgaganisation is independant in all concerning affairs in their contry for the PIFE. They decide for the place, ticketprice, guestgroups on stage, programme, invitation and all other affairs. No other otganisation will involve in the organisation.
 (2) The organisers should admit that the festival should go around Europe. A festival two times within 6 years by the same organisation should not happen. Exceptions are possible.
 (3) The festival should be open to everyone.
 (4) The festival should last a whole weekend or even Friday and Saturday or more.
 (5) To every festival all island nations must be invited. Organisers have to find out if there are diffent islander nation in their country. There should be a diversity of nations in each team if possible.
 (6) It is the aim of the Festival to teach the younger generation the way of life in the Pacific culture. If possible there should be special events for children, for example competitions, workshps etc.
 (7) During the festival or at the end of each festival the national team has to invite people and especially these people that already organised a festival to discuss the place for the next years event. It would be very apreciated that the organisation for the next festival is on the place to present their proposals for the place and announce the conditions for the next festival.
 (8) PIFE is a bublic event - all activities and exhibitions on a festival are having free access for cameras. People are allowed to take pictures and videos.
       - under construction - (more rules coming up)
            17.10.2018 (last update: 07.11.2018)
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