What is PIFE?
PIFE is the abrevation for Pacific Island Festival Europe. This fesival was established in the year 2001. It was introduced by the German Pacific Society that was based in Munich at this time and it was the intention to invite Pacific Islander families from the German speaking central Europe to have a cultural gathering in this area. One of the first aims was to create a commom feeling among those islanders and to show the culture of the Pacific Area to the German audience in order to show these activities to the second generaration of islanders that are growing up here in a different environment. Also the islanders became interested to show dances, food, handycraft and many other traditions to European people that came to visit this festival in a growing number. At this time there were not so many islanders here in Germany and this festival atracted also islanders from different European countries. They became interested to join. Until this time the name of this event was just "Pacific Festival" or "Pacific Islands Festival". But after 2004 other countries became borrowing this event to have it in their own country. And ofcourse all the islanders and European friends from Germany and other European countries were invited to visit these events. After 2004, when the festival was held in Stuttgart, one guest from Finland invited us to come over to the north to celebrate this festival. Now we decided to name the festival: "PACIFIC ISLAND FESTIVAL EUROPE". From that time on this event is circling in Europe and moved to different counties. It is a story of success. More Details about the history of the festival you can find in different pages of the PIFE.
Basic Rules:
This event is open to everyone! The organisation teams should find affordable accommodation for visitors and traditional Pacific items should be prepared. This festival shall be held on the first weekend of August. This is necessary because there are many othere acitivities that are usual on distinctive weekends in this summer season, so everyone can plan other events at this time of the year. people sould be able to plan in advance. there are no orther main rules. Every national organisation is free to organise the festival in their own way.

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