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The potential members of PIFE

  Here is a list of all those organisations or persons that already organised a festival. So far we have nine members. Countries that never did the festeival in the past can be members in the Komiti also. They only have to declare their membership as an organisation with an email to the pife. Then they are able to vote in the Komiti. What about Austria, Italy, France, Belgium, Ireland, Norway and Sweden? Here are all members in the KOMITI so far:

Denmark Jerry Sila
Finland Pacific Islands Friendship Society Samuiela Elone
Germany German Pacific Society Robert Traverts
Latvia Sulu Daunivalu
Netherlands Jenny Rinsampessy
Spain Aloha Pacific Spain Lizbeth Letelier Carillo
Switzerland (Aloha Pacific Switzerland)* Singa Freiburghaus
United Kingdom Linda and Collin Harper
United Kingdom Mandy White

*=no more existing
  An organisation can be represented by any member of this organisation that is chosen for this duty. A single person can only represent itself and can not send another person to vote instead. An organisation or person that is not giving a vote will be regarded as abstention. An organisation not mentioned in this list can aply for membership if there is a demostrably involvement in the history of the festival, (sorry here if we forgot to mention someone)
status (last update): 27.09.2018

We already put some memories of past festivals in the website: